Dec 18, 2019

Diamond Islands Wafer for Super LED Manufacture

Diamond's (111) face can grow epitaxial GaN with wurtzite structure. Better still, single crystal AlN can be deposited directly on such diamond surface. Boron doped diamond has the highest mobility of holes, and silicon doped AlN can boost electron mobility. The AlN on diamond is capable to emit ultraviolet (UV) light with high intensity. Such UV light can excite phosphors for the emission of different colors, including white light with balanced RGB distribution. There are many possibilities of making super LED with diamond. Unfortunately, diamond wafers are not available commercially. However, synthetic diamond crystals can be made cheaply by a noval seeding technology (DiaCan{trade mark, serif}). These diamond crystals are embedded in a ceramic matrix to form diamond islands wafer (DIW). DIW is the enabling substrate for making super LED in the near future.


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