Nov 27, 2019

Role of silicon wafer on performance of UV-LEDs

Increasing the performance of ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (UV-LEDs) is a challenging research in actual industrial applications. We propose a new method of package by adding a silicon wafer between the chip and ceramic substrate. Through a gold wire connection, the UV-LED chip is paralleled to a high resistance silicon wafer equated to the Zener diode, which improves the antistatic ability of device. Compared to the without silicon wafer, the light output power of UV-LEDs with silicon wafer make a maximal enhancement of 5.9%, which is due to enhancement of the reflection of light of Pt metal layer on the silicon wafer. Moreover, the degradation of light output power in UV-LEDs with silicon wafer is considerably smaller than that of no silicon wafer under 540 hours of aging. This work provides a favorable way for the packaging designs of UV-LEDs.


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