Oct 29, 2019

Study on annealing experiment of AlGaInP - based LED wafer by electron beam irradiatio

Electron beam irradiation AlGaInP - based LED epitaxial wafers can change their internal structure to improve their luminous performance. Annealing can repair a part of damages induced by irradiation and affect the luminous performance of LED. In this paper, the optical properties and electrical properties of AlGaInP - based LED epitaxial wafers irradiated by different energy and dose electron beam are investated. The annealing experiment condition are 900°C with 1s and 460°C with 15min. In the comparative test, it is shown that the epitaxial wafer failure at 900°C, the luminescence intensity of the epitaxial wafer after annealing is higher than before, and still higher than that before irradiation at the annealing condition of 460°C, While the forward voltage is lower. The results of the experiments are analyzed.


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