Aug 1, 2019

Liquid Phase Epitaxy of Si-Doped GaAs for Efficient Light Emitting Diodes

The Si doped expitaxial growth of GaAs by the rolling boat method and the fabrication of efficient light emitting diodes are represented. During the growth on GaAs (111) B substrate, highly efficient diodes are obtained when the amount of Si added to 5 g of Ga is 6 mg and the Ga solution is baked at 910°C for 1 hour prior to the growth. The highest power efficiency is 9.7 % for an uncoated flat diode. The epitaxial wafer uniformity depends upon whether growth spirals occur or not. The efficiency of light emitting diodes fabricated from a wafer with growth spirals varies from ~2 to ~9 %. On the other hand, that with no spirals varies from ~6 to ~9 %. The occurrence of the growth spirals can be controlled by changing the rolling start time.


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