Mar 18, 2019

A Flip-Chip AlGaInP LED with GaN/Sapphire Transparent Substrate Fabricated by Direct Wafer Bonding

A red-light AlGaInP light emitting diode (LED) is fabricated by using direct wafer bonding technology. Taking N-GaN wafer as the transparent substrate, the red-light LED is flip-chiped onto a structured silicon submount. Electronic luminance (EL) test reveals that the luminance flux is 130% higher than that of the conventional LED made from the same LED wafer. Current–voltage (I–V) measurement indicates that the bonding processes do not impact the electrical property of AlGaInP LED in the small voltage region (V<1.5 V). In the large voltage region (V>1.5 V), the I–V characteristic exhibits space-charge-limited currents characteristic due to the p-GaAs/n-GaN bonding interface.


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