Jan 9, 2019

Deep level traps in GaN LEDs grown by metal organic vapour phase epitaxy on an 8 inch Si(111) substrate

Deep level traps present in GaN LED grown on 8 in. Si substrate were revealed by deep level transient spectroscopy (DLTS). One electron trap located at E C − 0.7 eV was revealed in the n-GaN barrier layer. Two electron traps and one hole trap were observed in the p-GaN layer. They are located at E C − 0.60 eV, E C − 0.79 eV and E V + 0.70 eV. The total trap density in both the n-GaN barrier layer and the p-GaN layer of the LED is in order of 1014 cm−3, which is comparable with that found in GaN epi-layer grown on sapphire.


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