Aug 5, 2018

Current-injected light emission of epitaxially grown InAs/InP quantum dots on directly bonded InP/Si substrate

Current-injected light emission was confirmed for metal organic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE) grown (Ga)InAs/InP quantum dots (QDs) on directly bonded InP/Si substrate. The InP/Si substrate was prepared by directly bonding of InP thin film and a Si substrate using a wet-etching and annealing process. A p–i–n LED structure including Stranski–Krastanov (Ga)InAs/InP QDs was grown by MOVPE on an InP/Si substrate. No debonding between Si substrate and InP layer was observed, even after MOVPE growth and operation of the device under continuous wave conditions at RT. The photoluminescence, current/voltage, and electroluminescence characteristics of the device grown on the InP/Si substrate were compared with reference grown on an InP substrate.


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