By using the wafer bonding technique and wet etching process, a wafer bonded thin film AlGaInP LED with wet etched n-AlGaInP surfaces was fabricated. The morphology of the etched surface exhibits a pyramid-like feature. The wafer was cut into 270 × 270 μm2 chips and then packaged into TO-18 without epoxy resin. With 20-mA current injection, the light intensity and output power of LED-I with surface roughening respectively reach 315 mcd and 4.622 mW, which was 1.7 times higher than that of LED-II without surface roughening. The enhancement of output power in LED-I can be attributed to the pyramid-like surface, which not only reduces the total internal reflection at the semiconductor-air interface but also effectively guides more photons into the escape angle for emission from the LED device.
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