Sep 6, 2016

Sputter deposition of Sn-doped ZnO/Ag/Sn-doped ZnO transparent contact layer for GaN LED applications


•Sputter deposited transparent contact layer is introduced for GaN LEDs.

•Buried contact islands eliminate an ohmic contact failure on p-GaN.

•Device performances are improved in large GaN blue LEDs.

Sn-doped ZnO/Ag/Sn-doped ZnO (ZAZ) multilayers prepared using sputtering process was employed in GaN-based blue light-emitting diodes(LEDs) as transparent contact layers (TCLs). The ZAZ layer had better optical and electrical properties without any thermal annealing. The ZAZ TCLs improved the current spreading on p-GaN layer and increased the light output power in the large area devices. The efficiency droop was also quite small in the case of adopting a ZAZ TCL in GaN-based LEDs. These results are promising for the development of a ZAZ TCL using sputtering process for GaN LED applications.

Graphical abstract

We introduced Sn-doped ZnO/Ag/Sn-doped ZnO (ZAZ) multistructure as a new transparent contact layer (TCL), which is fabricated by a sputtering process for GaN blue LEDs. It has better electrical and optical properties than ITO without thermal annealing. The new ZAZ TCL shows better device performances even in a large area device than a conventional ITO TCL.

Keywords:  GaN;  Transparent contact layer;  LED

Source: Sciencedirect

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