Feb 4, 2016

The characteristics of GaN-based blue LED on Si substrateO


We investigate passive matrix (PM) and active matrix (AM) programming mechanisms.
Detailed considerations of system design of GaN LED micro-displays are discussed.
AM LED micro-display system-on-panel with integrated scan and data driving circuits is reported.
Representative images are displayed in green and blue LED micro-displays.


LED micro-displays offer diverse applications with their superior characteristics and unique performance, particularly in high light utilization efficiency (LUE), design simplicity, long lifetime, and excellent visibility under bright day-light. In this work, we designed and fabricated GaN-based light emitting diode on silicon (LEDoS) micro-displays by integrating monolithic LED micro-arrays and active matrix substrates using flip-chip technology. The LEDoS micro-displays have been developed in generations with increasing display resolutions and scaled pixel pitches. Representative display images have been demonstrated and show great potential in wearable electronic and photonic applications.

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