Dec 17, 2014

LED bulbs technical specification and testing procedure for solar home systems

The definition of technical specifications and the corresponding laboratory procedures are necessary steps in order to assure the quality of the devices prior to be installed in Solar Home Systems (SHS). To clarify and unify criteria a European project supported the development of the Universal Technical Standard for Solar Home Systems (UTSfSHS). Its principles were to generate simple and affordable technical requirements to be optimized in order to facilitate the implementation of tests with basic and simple laboratory tools even on the same SHS electrification program countries. These requirements cover the main aspects of this type of installations and its lighting chapter was developed based on the most used technology at that time: fluorescent tubes and CFLs. However, with the consolidation of the new LED solid state lighting devices, particular attention is being given to this matter and new procedures are required. In this work we develop a complete set of technical specifications and test procedures that have been designed within the frame of the UTSfSHS, based on an intense review of the scientific and technical publications related to LED lighting and their practical application. They apply to lamp reliability, performance and safety under normal, extreme and abnormal operating conditions as a simple but complete quality meter tool for any LED bulb.
These tests have been applied to a group of 14 low-cost direct current LED bulbs and the accomplishment of the proposed requirements is analyzed.


  • CCconstant current
  • CFLsCompact Fluorescent Lamps
  • EMIelectromagnetic interference
  • HPhigh power
  • HBhigh brightness
  • ICintegrated circuit
  • Li-ionlithium-ion
  • PCBprinted circuit board
  • PVRE,photovoltaic rural electrification
  • SHSSolar Home System
  • UTSfSHSUniversal Technical Standard for Solar Home Systems


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