Aug 14, 2014

Moldless encapsulation for LED wafer level packaging using integrated DRIE trenches

This paper demonstrates a LED wafer level packaging process which employs the glob-top dispensing technique for encapsulation. The process utilizes the constraint effect introduced by the trenches to limit the spreading of encapsulant. This enables the geometry control of encapsulation. Several design and process parameters have been investigated. The study has considered the effect of the trench patterns. A 4-in. silicon wafer is fabricated with a pattern etched by the DRIE process. It serves as a substrate for an LED array employed in the present study. Using the wafer substrate and the glop-top dispensing technique, wafer level LED packaging incorporated with a moldless encapsulation process is realized.

gan led
ZnO nanorod
led wafer fabrication process
led wafer size
led wafer level packaging

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